Welcome to the Lockdown...

Throughout the lockdown we have been posting some briliant crafty ideas to keep the kids (and parents) occupied! Pop on over to our Instagram & Facebook pages @wearescip to discover some fun, easy and unique craft adventures for your family!

Each project is designed to be suitable for various ages, and using tools and materials we all have easy access to! Please tag us in your #mySCIPart creations we would love to see what you have made!


Celebrate Sussex Day


This June we are celebrating all that is special about our beautiful county, from the stunning rural landscapes, to the sprawling cities and coastlines.

As part of the 2020 Sussex Day Celebrations we've partnered up with Seaford Town Council and Artwave Festival to bring you a special #mySCIPart in collaboration with award winning collage artist Jane Robbins whose extraordinary artworks celebrate some of the best known views in Sussex!


We had a chat with Jane to learn more about how she creates her artworks, chooses her papers and where she finds inspiration. We hope this might help you make your own Sussex collage this week!


Create your own Sussex inspired collage and win prizes!

Using whatever collage materials you have available to you, from newspapers and magazines to wrapping paper, paper bags or even your own painted collage papers, we want you to create a landscape that sums up Sussex to you, whether that is coastal, rural or urban!

We will be choosing our favourite 3 entries to win limited edition prints or books for the kids!

To enter this fab competition please upload your artwork to Instagram or Facebook and make sure you tag us @wearescip and use the hashtags #myscipart and #SeafordSussexDay 



Jane created this handy video to help guide you through how to create your collage! 

SCIP team member Sophie decided to have a go at her own Sussex Day Collage and has created this amazing vista of Seaford Beach, she has a few more tips for you!

"To create this Seaford seafront collage we used the inside of an envelope, some pages from the National Trust magazine for lots of lovely natural colours and textures and a Boden kids catalogue for all the bright colours to make our beach huts.
We sketched a rough guide onto our paper to show the main shapes from our scene then started to fill the larger background shapes using our collage papers, once the background was complete we added in the smaller foreground details - the beach huts!"


Thank you for being part of Sussex Day this year, Lockdown makes it hard to feel part of events and celebrations at the moment and we hope that you enjoy this project and being part of the art community we are building!




We all deserve a medal!

Our kids along with millions throughout the world have been housebound for many weeks now, and we are so proud of them all. We felt it was time we all received a medal! We are going to let our amazing SCIP kids explain what our next #mySCIPart project is! 

There are lots of ways you can make your medals, you won't need any special materials, just make use of what you have available to you at home! 

You can cut a disc shape from card you have to hand from either cereal boxes or packaging. Then it is up to you how you embellish! Here are just some of the many ways you can decorate your medals...

Go shiny ..... you could wrap your disc in tin foil or use metallic paint or markers if you have them.
Collage.... layer up your medal with tissue paper, coloured shapes or stickers.  You could recycle old greetings cards or wrapping paper! 
Personalise... you could add a name or initial to the medal to make it even more personal! 
Colour....You could paint, draw, crayon, stamp or print!

More details tutorials on different aproaches will be posted on our instagram and facebook throughout the week begining 18th May! 

We can't wait to see how you make yours! Please share your pictures with us on social media @wearescip and join us in saying a big well done to everyone for getting this far through the lockdown!!


Here are some more creative ideas for you to try at home! 

11th May 2020

For today’s #myscipart we have been creating collage pictures inspired by the beautiful work of collage artist @rebeccachapmanart ...We have used some collage papers we painted, you could use any coloured paper or card you have, pages from magazines, you could even use some of your own pictures or paintings. Visit our instagram for more details and ideas! 


8th May 2020

Ooh still feeling a little crafty? Why not make yourself a celebratory VE Day hat with some tissue paper flowers glued on to a cardboard ring. We used a dinner plate to make a big circle on some cardboard and a side plate to make the inner circle. We painted the circle and then glued on our flowers. #myscipart happy VE Day everyone hope you have a lovely day!


4th May 2020

Join the SCIP team in celebrating VE day in lockdown style this year with bunting & flower making tutorials over on instagram!



23rd April 2020

Inspired by @mypapercutforest we dug out some old wool and made a N for Noah! He absolutely loved doing this and it was super simple.
I secured it with tape on the back as he went along which helped keep it all in place, and other than that he did this all by him self! A brilliant crafty project for #mySCIPart.... find out more on our instagram!


27th April 2020

#myscipart today is keeping it simple! All you need is a white wax crayon or a candle and some white paper or card and some water colour or light wash paint.

Rediscover your inner child creating secret messages or drawings! For more details head to our instagram post!


22nd April 2020

Sometimes craft activities can be downright silly! This is a brilliant one for all ages, older kids will love drawing the faces on and younger will love smashing!
Simply collect your broken egg shells, wash them in warm soapy water and leave to dry. Draw using a felt tip or Sharpie. Then get smashing!

20th April 2020

If you could do with releasing some energy then today’s #myscipart will be right up your alley! We had a go at Hapa Zome, a craft of Japanese origins where you release the pigment from leaves and flowers into fabric by pounding with a hammer.. for a full tutorial visit our instagram! 



13th April 2020

Today’s #myscipart is some super spring flower printing! Visit our instagram to see a step by step. Cut petal shapes into the ends of some toilet roll tubes, we did a different shape on either end of the tube and splayed out the petals. Paint some stems and leaves for your flowers ?dip your petals in some paint and print onto the stems, we used a paint brush to add the centre of the flower! 


10th April 2020

This mornings #myscipart making Easter Baskets happy Easter everyone! Visit our instagram to see what you need! You could use a paper plate I didn’t have one so we drew around a side plate and made the pencil inner circle guide with a roll of tape. Just snip small triangles out leaving the inner pencil circle as the base of your basket and fold them up. We used a single hole punch and then wide ribbon to weave in and out with between the flaps. We worked flat and then tightened it up at the end and attached a handle at the end.

7th April 2020

Today we collected flowers and leaves during our government allocated walk and made a collage when we got home! Lovely craft project to do and also educational! Use it as a tool to learn about spring flowers, and seasons!
Also this is a fab way of bringing the outdoors in if you don't have a garden!! Hope everyone is well and don't forget to tag us in your creations and tell us what crafty fun you are having!!

6th April 2020

#myscipart this morning is all about the Easter rabbit! See if you can spot the odd rabbit out in the second picture. Watch out these rabbits are likely to multiply fast! Head over to our instagram for more details how to make yours! 



1st April 2020

Squid Weaving! Visit our instagram to see a step by step! Have fun we used up some old ribbon and some strips of recycled card and cord you could use strips of carrier bags or fabric! Recycled lids with stickers for eyes. My 4 year old needed a little bit of help but it really kept her attention.