It's time for a little magic and a little star dust in our worlds, so SCIP is creating a stunning exhibition of hand made stars throughout Seaford town this December for the whole community to enjoy. 

And to make sure you can bring a little taste of the show into your homes we have created three tutorials on how to make your own stars to light up the town this December!

Please be sure to send us images of your creations so we can include them on our online gallery of stars!


Here's an easy lantern for you to make with younger children aged 2 upwards.  Some adult preparation will be required.

Adult preparation
1. Cut the top off your clear plastic bottle. You will be using the bottom part of the bottle to make the base for your lantern.
2. Using the masking or Washi tape stick a strip around the sharp edge of the bottle base. 
3. Get your materials ready for little fingers! Laying out; your shapes of pre-cut tissue/crepe paper, glue and a spreader.

Time for little fingers!
4. Apron up this is the messy fun bit!                                                                                      5. Cover your bottle base with glue and stick the tissue paper pieces to your bottle base.  Make sure you cover the entire bottle with the coloured tissue.  
TIP: You can overlap some tissue shapes too, but don't make too many overlaps or you won't be able to see the light inside your lantern! 
6. Leave to dry over night upside down so it doesn't stick to the table!

Adult finishing touches
7. When your lantern is dry use a skewer or hole punch to carefully put a hole in opposite sides of the rim of your lantern.
8. Thread the wool/string through the holes of your lantern and make a loop at the top to hang it from your window or a hook.
9. Pop your LED battery operated candle inside.
10. Hang in your window and enjoy spreading happiness and light to your neighbours and passers by! Why not hold on to your lantern and bring it out again to enjoy year after year! 




Step 1

Draw around your star template and cut 2 stars from your sugar paper or card.

Step 2

fold your stars in half and cut out the middle of the star, leaving roughly 1cm border around the edge. Open out your folded pieces and you should have 2 star outlines with the centres removed.

Step 3

Take one of your 2 star outlines and put the other to one side for now. You're going to glue the outline and add strips of tissue paper across the middle, make sure you glue each strip of tissue before you add the next and overlap them so that there are no gaps. keep adding strips of tissue until you have filled your star shape and leave to dry.

Step 4

Once your glue has dried you are ready to add your other star outline, glue around the edge and stick over the top of the tissue strips so that they are sandwiched into the middle. Leave to dry.
Step 5Once your star has dried completely you can trim off all of the overhanging tissue strips from the outside of your star.

Step 6

Your star is now ready to be displayed! You can put your stained glass star in your window for others to spot! During the day the sunlight will shine through your tissues layers making new colours where the strips overlap. At night you could illuminate your star with a light so that it glows in your window!


These wooden stars make a brilliant hanging decoration for your home, and take on the effect of stained glass when lit from behind at night! They are easy to make, but take some time so be prepared for a project that can take a day or two to compleate. You can have fun with any colours you choose, embellishments can be added, or you can draw on them with a marker pen once the glue is dry!

This project can be quite messy and sticky so we recommend wearing old clothing, and protecting the table with a cloth or newspaper!

Step 1

Collect some sticks or bamboo canes. These need to be a straight as possible and you will need 6 sticks the same length. You may need some gardening sheers to cut them – do ask your parents for help with this. You can make them as long or as small as you wish.

Join the corners of three sticks together using the tape and make a triangle shape. Repeat the process with the other three pieces. Lay one triangle on top of the other to make a star shape and secure them together using the tape.

Step 2

Choose your tissue papers! Go for all the colours under the sun or keep it simple with just one. Depending how you lay your tissue papers you can create colour blocks, stripes or just a jumble of wonderful colour. Cut long strips of your chosen paper, depending how large you make your star depends how long they are! But they will need to stretch across the longest points.

Step 3

Glue and Paintbrush! This but can be tricky (and messy!), but just take your time and after a few tries you will get the hang of it! You will need to paint lots of gloopy glue on the back of a strip of tissue paper then secure it from one side of a star point to another. The first layer is the trickiest but once you have a few on they all start to hold each other together. The thicker the layers the stronger it will be. I like to get one layer on, let it dry then add another layer! You can hang the star to dry and even do this in stages over a few days. The more glue the more opaque the star dries and lets the light through and your star glow!

Once your tissue paper star is dry you can add a hoop of ribbon or string at the top and hang it in a window with the light on behind it and it will glow like stained glass for any passers-by to enjoy!

Have fun!