Lockdown Medals


Lockdown has been hard, for everyone in many different ways. And we think you all deserve a medal so here at the mini scippers to tell you more...


There are lots of ways you can make your medals, you won't need any special materials, just make use of what you have available to you at home! 

You can cut a disc shape from card you have to hand from either cereal boxes or packaging. Then it is up to you how you embellish! Here are just some of the many ways you can decorate your medals...

Go shiny ..... you could wrap your disc in tin foil or use metallic paint or markers if you have them.
Collage.... layer up your medal with tissue paper, coloured shapes or stickers.  You could recycle old greetings cards or wrapping paper! 
Personalise... you could add a name or initial to the medal to make it even more personal! 
Colour....You could paint, draw, crayon, stamp or print!

More details tutorials on different aproaches will be posted on our instagram and facebook throughout the week begining 18th May! 

We can't wait to see how you make yours! Please share your pictures with us on social media @wearescip and join us in saying a big well done to everyone for getting this far through the lockdown!!