What is the #mySCIPchallenge?

The #mySCIPchallenge is a way for you to be part of a creative community, we encourage you to publically set your self a goal and tell us and all the project participants and followers about your journey!

By using the #mySCIPchallenge on your social media posts we can be part of your adventure, whether it is getting creative in the kitchen and learning new recipes, developing a new illustration style, re-landscaping your garden, learning a new skill or launching your first exhibition we want to know about it.

If you follow @wearescip and the #mySCIPchallenge we will grow as a creative community and become a vital support for one another too. If you find you are struggling to find a resource, or the right collaborator use the community to ask for help. If your project has stalled and you can't work out how to move forward ask the community for advice... what ever your problem may be we are all here to work together!  The same goes with the successes, tell us when you have booked your venue, tell us about the amazing glaze you discovered in your new pottery class, and how a new lens has changed your photography project! 

You do not have to be a creative professional to take part, we want everyone to get crafty, arty, creative and shout about it! And remember, not all goals work out, and that’s life – but unless we try to push ourselves and develop we will never go anywhere!

Follow @wearescip and #mySCIPchallenge

At our February 2020 Creative Networking Evening we asked our guests to set themselves a goal for the year! It’s an amazing melting pot of different ideas and all on different scales! We can’t wait to see how they get on, and how you get on too!