Free Educational Resources for The Beacon Show

We love being able to help Schools and home education communities find more ways to enjoy our projects. As part of The Beacon Show we have produced a few resources for various Key Stage levels. 

These resources are free of charge to download via Googledrive - if you have any problems accessing the files please email us and we will be happy to send them to you.

Not all these resources require a trip to see The Beacon Show but it sure helps!

Visiting The Beacon Show Question Sheets

Swimmer web size

A question sheet to complete while visting The Beacon Show. Includes teachers notes with fun Beacon Show visit ideas and an answer sheet. 

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The Seaford Mermaid Reception/KS1

seahorse small web

Join Gus on a beach side adventure in Seaford as he discovers a mermaid on the sand and makes a new friend! Includes a short story to read and creative lesson ideas. 

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Exploring Wind power KS1


Explore the power of wind, and the Rampion Wind Farm on the Sussex coastline. A short reading exercise, with additional creative lesson ideas including making pin wheels. 

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Identifying Plastics KS3


Understanding the properties of plastics, the impact on our planet and how to identify them. Includes reading resources and teachers activity and project ideas. 

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