The world can feel like a dark place at the moment, so SCIP decided it was time to bring some starlight to our community, to raise us all up and fill our town with the magic of art! 

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The Seaford Star Gazing Trail has now ended sadly,  we would like to thank our amazing Seaford community for all their support of this event.

Without Seaford Town Council, the local artists and businesses this event would not have been possible. 

The stars in the exhibition were created by 

Tonwen Jones | Sally Elford | Graham Carter | Sam Chivers | Gallit Shaltiel | Sarah Long | Josie Jo | Emma West | Jane Robbins | Cecile Garcia | Patrick Edgeley | Zoe Jackson | Sally Mae-Joseph

Rock Star by Patrick Edgeley




Be part of the creative fun!

We have created a number of different ways for you to take part in the Seaford Star Gazing trail, and even be part of our online gallery of stars below!

Draw your star

Using our template you can draw your own star and send us a picture to include in our gallery!

Make a Star or Lantern

We have created three different ways to create you own lanterns or colour catching stars on our #MySCIPart page! Suitable for ages 3 - 103!! 

The Star Gazing Gallery

These beautiful artworks have been created by the community, inspired by the Seaford Star Gazing Trail! 

Our favorite designs will win wonderful prizes! Download your star template and join in the fun!