Sussex Contemporary Illustrators & Printmakers (SCIP) is a collective of creative minds. Professionally working in the arts for over 15 years, we have now come together to bring a unique style of art experiences to Seaford, and the whole of Sussex. 


2020 events and workshops

8th June 2020

Celebrate Sussex Day!

Join the SCIP team in celebrating our amazing county by creating your own slice of our incredible lamdscapes through collage inspired by the artworks of jane Robbins!

Find out more on #mySCIPart this week!

We all deserve a medal!

We believe that everyone around the world deserves a medal! All the kids who miss their friends and family, all the parents juggling homeschooling and working from home, and all those alone in lockdown deserve a medal! 

So this week for our #mySCIPart we want you all to make one for those you love to celebrate our incredible achievement during lockdown. 

Our mini scippers have made a video for you all about it - head over to our MySCIPart page to see it!