Sussex Contemporary Illustrators & Printmakers (SCIP), is an arts collective working to build a contemporary arts scene through illustrative exhibitions, events and workshops.

Founded by curator Alice Carter, illustrator Josie Swan and designer Sophie Peerless we have run a number of critically acclaimed exhibitions with some of the biggest names in illustration including Sir Quentin Blake, Karl James Mountford, Donna Wilson, Graham Carter, and Owen Davey.

We absolutly love running our childrens artworkshops, and we try to make these as fun and unique as possible! We have run workshops for ArtWave, The Martello Tower and as part of all our major events and exhibitions. 

In 2019 we ran our largest event to date, The Green Show which incorporated contemporary illustration & design, film, animation, workshops, lectures and pizza! We hosted over 3,500 visitors over 8 days and had the time of our lives!

Although we do not yet have a permanent space we work primarily in Seaford, East Sussex but are begining to work further afield with events planned in Eastbourne in 2020. We are a not for profit orgnisation and rely on the support of our local community and business to continue our work. 

If you think that we could help bring some SCIP style fun to your event, or would like to book us for workshops or talks please do get in touch. Our rates are reasonable and we always give our clients incredible value for money! Email for more information. 


Sophie Peerless

Print and Textile Artist

Sophie is the most recent edition to SCIP and we couldn’t manage without her amazing abilities to plan, sort and generally rein in the rest of us!

Sophie came onboard as a volunteer workshop assistant at Colour the Coast - she was so great we asked her join us at SCIP HQ!

Also a highly skilled print and textile artist, Sophie specialises in hand carved stamps that are used for intricate printed designs. These she sells online, in shops and at fairs around the country, recently earning a much sought-after spot at the Brighton Etsy Fair.

Alice Carter

Director & Curator

Alice Carter has been curating exhibitions for over 12 years, specialising in contemporary Illustration and printmaking. For several years Alice’s gallery in Hove, Boxbird, hosted some of the city’s best loved exhibitions, winning awards and opening to critical acclaim.

She works very closely with her husband, illustrator Graham Carter, and produces most of his exhibitions and exclusively sells his print work and originals through

While not immersed in exhibitions and illustration fairs, Alice is a full time mum to two boys and has lived in sunny Seaford for 7 years.


Josie Swan

Illustrator and printmaker

Josie - aka Josie Jo - infuses every piece of her work with her own sense of humour and comical outlook on life, from cheeky sausage dogs to ‘fork folk’ Josie creates a fun world where anything can happen.

Josie has worked as a commercial illustrator for over 10 years and has worked with some of the UK’s finest editorial publishers and commercial organisations….If you're local you will recognise her handy work on the new Stitch branding.

Josie lives with her husband Mark and two daughters, in Seaford too!

Sally Elford

Illustrator and printmaker

Sally Elford is an illustrator and printmaker with a unique vision of the natural world. Bringing to life creatures and landscapes from across the globe - Sally's work can be spotted on book covers, greetings cards, textile designs and products around the world.

Her love of drawing nature lead to the natural conclusion that she should design the Green Show branding. You will see her work on the August '19 editions of VIVA Brighton and Seaford Scene magazines.

Sally plays a key role in our creative workshops.

She and her family live and work in Seaford.

SCIP by Karl James Mountford FINAL

Artwork of the three original founders of SCIP illustrated by Karl James Mountford

A bit awesome isnt it!