Illustration & Photography

SCIP love illustration! We are passionate about it infact, so when we began designing this project we recognised it was a really unique opportunity to commission some incredible international artists alongside some of the best of British talent too.

As each Beacon’s story developed it helped us identify the right illustrators for each story. Every artist approaches their work in a unique way, is drawn to certain themes and subject matter and that helped us select our artists for The Beacon Show.

Dave Bain | Asako Masunouchi  |  Soren Selleslagh  |  Naima Almeida  |  Sonia Alins  |  Graham Carter  |  Louise Lockheart (aka The Printed Peanut)  |  See Creatures  |  Svabhu Kohli

These amazing illustrations tell the story of Seaford Beach in a fresh and contemporary way, and we are incredibly proud of this unique collection.

Prints of the artworks will be available to buy online here from the end of May, and the profits go towards future SCIP projects and events.


Photography by Sarah Weal

The next stage of this visual story telling adventure was to capture portraits of the people we interviewed for the project, and who use and love the beach.

The creative team discovered Sarah Weal’s amazing collection 'Furloughed Friendship', taken during the first lockdowns, and were elated to discover that she was based up the road from us in Lewes. Sarah was indeed mad enough to get on board with our plans for The Beacon Show, and joined us for many windy cold mornings on Seaford Beach earlier this year.

We are so excited to reveal all the photos in May. They really are a wonderful collection of artworks which capture a small slice of Seaford’s modern history.

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